Mike Waldron

Residential | Five Cross Roads

office 07 855 0550  |  mobile 022 476 9118
email michael.waldron@lugtons.co.nz  |  website www.lugtons.co.nz

Mike has joined the Lugtons family real estate company as a non-selling branch manager after a successful career as a sales coach with Fairfax Media in Auckland.

With more than 12 years’ experience as a sales manager, coach and mentor, Mike has a consistent track record of successfully managing teams and coaching individuals to achieve their potential. He has a professional attitude and a natural ability to manage change in a positive and motivating manner.

Mike aims to help every team member achieve their potential by given clarity around their goals and the action to get there. Setting standards and keeping everyone accountable for their own action as well having fun along the way has been a proven formula for Mike success.

If you are not receiving your ideal level of support in your current real estate environment and want to see how Mike could assist you with maximising your potential, ring him for a confidential chat.

Here’s a few words from past and current staff

Raquel Chavez-Nguyen - I had the privilege to train as a media sales consultant for Mike's team. Hands down, one of my favourite managers. He offers wonderful support and coaching while clearly articulating top-line business initiatives into tangible goals and tasks. He is a valuable resource as a sales manager and/or mentor and is always willing to share insights on how to be successful in the workplace - including use of data, networking, lead generation, etc.

Natalie Keightley - Mike is an excellent Manager and quite possibly, one of the most effective leaders I have worked with. He is encouraging of my work goals, he is approachable and fair. While he has encouraged me to embrace my strengths, he has also assisted me in the development of my weaknesses. Mike is committed to the success of his team and is always the first to tell you, you have done a good job. Anyone would be lucky to have Mike as a colleague or boss!

Stephanie McGowan - Good Managers are Rare! I had the luck to be placed under Michael’s leadership, which has helped further my career in only positive ways. He works with you to create goals that not only benefit the company but also your own personal growth working to inspire and guide you along the way. He is able to balance leadership while still allowing you to work independently and he always makes you feel part of the team. Michael is a mentor who is there for you and always congratulates you on your successes or to help work through your losses strategically, by identifying areas of improvement to ensure success in the future.

Dallas Garnett - Mike and his extensive knowledge of the Real Estate industry has been a very welcome addition to my own early career in Real Estate. As a non-selling Manager Mike has the time to assist me to advance my own Real Estate business. Mike is very knowledgeable in innovative ways that I can market myself and my brand and great at critiquing my own ideas. The motivation and support Mike has bought to my business has been very beneficial to date and will continue to be in the future.